A red car!

My first car will be a red car.

I remember telling my friends that before I bought my car. But as life goes, my first car is a blue car.

I wanted a red car, but the Toyota Vios red is a yucky sort of red, a bit like dried blood, a bit like ah pek colour. Didn’t want silver, golden black, white types, too coz they’re boring colours. Remembered walking along a carpark and seeing 6 golden cars parked in a row! Boy, I wouldn’t want my car to be one of those!

So I got a blue car. My friends say this shade of blue is a bit strange for a car, while my sis just thinks blue is wrong for a car, any car. Well, I like it! I think it’s kinda shiny and metallic, and shiny and metallic things are always welcome and nice. =)

I also realise that owning a car is also a practice in ‘bo chap-ness’. I remember my first scratch (actually scratches!) along the underside of my car, just 4 days after I got the car! My dad’s face went aghast with horror, and I was sianz too, but hey that feeling lasted all of 20 min! More scratches and dents eventually followed, and you know what? I tell myself these things are bound to happen anyway, so what’s the point of being affected by them all? I’m just happy that I have a vroom-vroom to bring me places, and that’s good enough for me.

But my next car will be a red car.


~ by irwin on December 12, 2005.

2 Responses to “A red car!”

  1. Hiya. Wah. Your blog vely cheem. 🙂 But nice to read. Makes me inspired to update mine, considering that it’s not updated. Speaking of red car, my colleague has a red convertible, VERY VERY sexy car. I’m hoping to learn driving and also own my first hot red car or blue. But a convertible heh. Keep up your blog. Mine is just plain rubbish 🙂

  2. Hi debbie! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. And know what? You have the honour of being the very FIRST to leave a comment! =)
    Wow, red car AND a convertible at that! You have one happening (not to mention rich) colleague huh? =P

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