Scuba Dubba

Looking through pictures of popular diving destinations on the Net, and desperately yearning to go diving again.
The very first time I went scuba diving under the sea, the colours of nature struck me! The graceful swimming motion of the fishes, the silly swaying of the corals…What have I been doing peering at the surface of the ocean for the past 25 years?!?!!?
The other thing that struck me was the serene quietness as I went deep down. Communication between fellow humans was reduced to just pre-rehearsed hand signals, and all I could hear was the soft, yet at times deafening, hummmmm of the ocean, and the occasional gloog-glug-gloog of air bubbles. What a wonderful and surreal experience, and I think everyone should do it once in their lives. =)
Let’s go diving soon!

~ by irwin on December 13, 2005.

One Response to “Scuba Dubba”

  1. I wanna go diving too! Manta Rays, Sharks, and like you, I really do like the humming sound… somehow, being metres below does give you a sense of peace?

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