“You are consigned to the dustbin of history!”

I just dig this quote from Leon Trotsky who was addressing the All-Russian Congress of Soviets, who had outlived their usefulness in October 1917 after the Revolution. The dustbin of history? =P
Am getting re-acquainted with Lenin, Marx, Czar Nicholas II, Rasputin after 12 years of losing touch with them. I was first introduced to the fascinating world of the Russian Revolutions when I was a Sec 2 kid. And now, preparing a series of lectures and tutorials on this History topic for next year’s IP syallabus for my Sec 3 students, is immensely satisfying and nostalgic in a funny yet nice way.
The magical mystery of Annastatia’s disappearance and re-appearance, the sexual scandals surrounding the ‘mad monk’ Rasputin, the misunderstood personality of Czar Nicholas II, the unfortunate Kerensky, the intense charisma and verve of Lenin…so many captivating stories to tell, so little time.
Who says History’s not fun? =)

~ by irwin on December 13, 2005.

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