What a Day!

Woke up to a great day today.
Went for a lesiurely swim in the morning,
Drove my friend to her dog’s groomer to pick up her dog,
Had a nice long lunch together,
Took a walk at East Coast beach with my friend and her dog,
Came home to prepare my lesson on the ‘Exegesis of the Bolshevik Revolution’
Gave my car a quick wash,
Sat down to read Thomas Friedman’s lastest piece on the power of ideas,
Went for a jog round the estate,
Stopped at a nursery to watch small kids ‘drive’ their cars in the playground.
La Vita è Bella! =)

~ by irwin on December 14, 2005.

2 Responses to “What a Day!”

  1. Life is Beautiful!!! haha the movie’s really good! (:

  2. Ok NAH! here’s the post u badgered me for *laughs*
    yah sounds like a lovely way to spend a day ahem =P
    And I thought La Vita E Bella was my phrase?!!

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