Happiness is the Moment


~ Karen Mok, ‘Love’

“Love…, ever unsatisfied, lives always in the moment that is about to come.”

~ Marcel Proust

Does love look backward or forward?

Love looks backwards. The lyrics by Karen Mok tell us how difficult it sometimes is to move forward because we are ensnared by memories of the past, and the baggage seems just too heavy for us to lunge forward. We are stuck by the small but ever-present thorns that sharply prick us to remind us, if we move too quickly forward in a rush to break from the past.

Love looks forwards. We are always hopeful, always waiting, always anticipating that love is just round the corner. That the fullness of love is about to spring upon us in the moment to come, like that last drop of water hanging precariously on the tap after the tap has been turned off. Pregnant with liquid, about to fall, but not yet, not just yet…

No, love looks here. In the now. Do you have a favourite movie? When I ask friends this question, most give me a list of movies they like, but rarely do they give just one. They always say it is difficult to pinpoint just one. But I can. I have one favourite movie of all time. Which is ‘The Hours’. In one scene, Meryl Streep talks to her daughter about remembering the last time she was truly happy. She woke up one morning and there was such a sense of possibility, that she felt that that moment was the beginning of happiness and of love. But she has since realised that THAT was happiness. Happiness is the moment. Not the beginning of happiness, but that happiness actually resided in that one moment. The way the bedsheet feels, the way the flowers smell, the way your hair falls on your face, the way that smile of yours stopped my heart in its tracks, the way that moment stood: as happiness and love.

This entry after a hiatus is for a friend who told me that my blog is the only one she reads, and that she would like me to update my blog as she enjoys reading the ‘cheem but nice’ entries…haha…thanks cheesy, you know who you are…=)


~ by irwin on January 8, 2006.

One Response to “Happiness is the Moment”

  1. Hello boy… was wondering what happened to you… first there were a zillion posts… then absolute silence! Well, to add on to your list of “fans”… can you please, please, please keep posting! 🙂

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