My TA Year 1s…

Finally! A post after so long!
Have been rather busy with my new batch of students this year, teaching History and Social Studies to the TA Year 1s. Must say that it’s been fun and exhilarating  so far, and they are really nice students to be with! Of course there are ups and downs: ‘Ups’ when you see some of their eyes light up when they get what you are trying to explan; ‘Downs’ when you realise they have not done their readings and can’t answer your questions. ‘Downs’ when some are fiddling away with their tablets and you know they’re not doing stuff related to lessons; ‘Ups’ when you see that some are really taking notes on their tablets.
When you teach all the classes in the level, you suddenly realise how huge a responsibility you have to shape how students think and feel about your subject. My biggest objective really is to get them to see History differently, to enjoy my lessons and change some of their mindsets of History as a boring, irrelevant or dead subject. But most importantly, to INSPIRE them! I think being an inspiring teacher is not an easy task, but I certainly hope that my little daily efforts are making some impact on them…
To a rewarding year ahead for all my students! =)

~ by irwin on February 2, 2006.

2 Responses to “My TA Year 1s…”

  1. SEE saw see-saw on a sea shore/ see saw LOLLLLLL

  2. awww. i don’t msn in class! and please wear an orange/yellow shirt to class next time. it’s a much funkier colour than pink y’know (:

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