I have 2 incredibly huge, ugly and painful ulcers on my gums that just popped up from nowhere a few days ago. Ulcers make eating, drinking and even talking incredibly difficult. They are like open wounds that refused to be closed. Have used ulcer gel, propolis spray, and even salt (*sssss*!!!!) but the ulcers, they just don’t go away. Now every time I eat, I remember what my friend said before: 能吃是福! Another one of those things in life we take for granted: ulcer-free eating.


~ by irwin on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Painful!”

  1. I think you should try Kenalog Oral paste, its being sold in Guardian at the pharmacy. But slightly costly for the small 5ml yellow tube!

  2. Haha…thanks! I have been using this gel called Orased, which is not bad, but it’s super painful when you put it on the ulcers! Well, but I think my ulcers are healing, thankfully…=)

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