Where’s Higgs? (like Where’s Wally?)

So interesting! Read this week’s issue of Newsweek and there was a series of articles on the hottest scientific venture at the moment: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Why I found it interesting was because this is exactly related to the book I just finished reading on the Theory of Almost Everything (see previous blog entry =)

So what is the LHC? It is a super-duper particle accelerator that has just been completed at a cost of $8 billion (!) and is expected to advance the magnification of the properties of objects by the largest factor in the history of particle physics, by as much as 500-fold beyond what can be achieved today. Scientists gathered at CERN in Geneva are eagerly awaiting the results of experiments to peer into the labyrinth of the micro-universe within the atom, which may throw up interesting clues or even answers to many of Science’s unanswered questions.

What is even more interesting is that one of the most elusive particles to find is this thing called the Higgs particle. A Higgs particle is a type of boson, which is a particle associated with a force and it accounts for the mass of other particles. Because it figures so importantly in many equations and has yet to be found, it has been called the ‘God particle’ that would seemingly unlock many mysteries. The hope is that the LHC would bring us within reach of locating and understanding the Higgs particle. And when that happens, it is likely that more questions would be surfaced, rather than answered and the quest to understand our infinite universe with our finite minds continues…


~ by irwin on September 14, 2008.

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