My ironing job

My mum injured her arm while taking out the clothes to sun about 6 months ago. She soon discovered that it was ‘tennis elbow’, one of those ailments that takes a long time to heal, and that needs lots of rest. But knowing her, she continued washing, ironing and cooking, even though we kept telling her NOT to do these, and that we would take over. But she insisted. And her arm never managed to recover fully, even after going to the doctors, sinseis, and wrapping an elbow brace around it. So we decided to prevent her from touching ANY of the household chores, especially ironing since this requires more strength. So now I am the Ironing Guy at home.

Started ironing the whole family’s clothes (including my sis’ and brother-in-law’s because my mum used to iron for them) a few days back. But my mum would still come and want to help out, even after I told her many times to go and sit in the living room. But she kept coming back to my ironing board, until I had to threaten her with the water spray, saying: “Go out and sit! 不要来! Or else 我 shoot 你 ah!” And they got her into a hysterical laughing fit. Which is a good thing. But it also got her distracted while I quickly finished up ironing the clothes I had to iron, which is an even better thing. =)

Finally, I thought up a way to keep her in the living room so that she can rest her arm and basically, not have to do anything. I would go and buy those super-long Korean or Hong Kong drama serial series for her to watch! Time to go to TS or Poh Kim to shop around. Anyone has any nice titles to recommend? =)

Today’s ‘TV-Show-For-My-Mum-While-I-Iron’ is something I managed to dig up from my stash of old VCDs. It’s a 1990s movie with Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai in it, called 甜蜜蜜. I remember loving this show so much because of the simple yet touching love story and the fact that Teresa Teng’s melodious songs are used to create the musical landscape of the show. And of course, also because the show has the ever-beautiful Maggie Cheung in it who, through this show, makes wearing a MacDonald’s uniform look so chic!


~ by irwin on September 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “My ironing job”

  1. I know some really nice korean serials!
    Meng Huan Qin nu and du(cruel) ai or something like that, which you can consider =)

  2. Thanks Amanda! =) Will go look out for these titles and get them for my mum. I’ll give you the credit if she likes them! =)

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