The Rooms in the Palace (and in my Head)

Decided to categorise all my posts into some semblence of an order, and thought it’d be kinda fun to play along with the royal, princely theme. So I came up with names of rooms that one would find in a palace and tried to place my different entries into those rooms. Here they are!

The Drawing Room – on art, pictures, photographs

The Viewing Gallery – on movies, TV shows, videos

The Manuscript Suite – on books, poems, quotes

The Music Atrium – on songs, music, lyrics

The State Dining Room – on cooking, baking, eating

The Grand Balcony – on social and global issues

The Royal Apartments – on real life happenings

The Principal Corridor – random thoughts on life, love, history…

The Majestic Foyer – everything else that can’t fit into the other rooms

Of all these, I like the concept of the Principal Corridor the most, because it holds random thoughts that we seem to encounter out of the blue, like walking along a corridor and not knowing whom you would meet. These random thoughts exist in what I call a ‘corridor’ also because they are not compartmentalised into rooms for the time being, but maybe will one day find a room to enter and settle in and move away from the common corridor. I also find the idea of the foyer interesting because it is the most open area and it is where all my thoughts that have nowhere to go (yes, not even the corridor) mingle around, somehow resisting any place to go. They are just like all the ‘chapalang’ things that we conveniently put in the ‘Others’ or ‘Misc.’ section.

Well, I hope you enjoy visiting the rooms in the palace, for they are in one sense also the rooms in my head. =)


~ by irwin on September 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Rooms in the Palace (and in my Head)”

  1. i suspect your drawing room will be empty. for you are a philistine!

  2. wah, use my phrase against me! u then philistine erh! =) and my drawing room will be fuller soon because you still owe me some photos…

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