Via Dolorosa

Took this picture when I visited Tibet some years ago. This picture of a winding road often invokes a comparison with the roads in my life. In the opening lines of Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy writes that “all happy families are alike, but unhappy families are all unhappy in their own way”. I think it is the same with lives. Somehow all happy and successful lives seem to follow the same patterns, whereas unhappy lives are different in the things that make them unhappy. Maybe it’s also because when unhappy things happen to us, we tend to see them as being more serious than other people’s problems, but perhaps it’s really all just a matter of perspective. I’ve learned that the trajectories of our lives often wind and meander in ways that seem unthinkable at first, and which quickly and often suddenly shake up all our well-laid plans. I suppose we each have our own ‘via dolorosas’ to walk, no matter how the road turns…


~ by irwin on September 21, 2008.

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