When the light shines through a little brighter through the cracks

Had a wonderful day last Saturday! Was able to scurry around and complete many errands, and it was one of those days where the light shines through the cracks a bit brighter, and the window of feeling active and being productive lasts a bit longer, and you are able to do a bit more. It makes you simply want to capitalize as much as possible on this huge swell of expansive energy within, for you know not how long it will last at times. And knowing that, as Virginia Heffernan describes, each day is often apportioned and rationed out for us in unknown ways, such that for every 24 hours, we get a different number of pockets of ‘life reserves’ which we need to capture and cherish so that we are actually ‘living’ each day.


~ by irwin on September 22, 2008.

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