Playing Pacman at 2:14 am

One night, I decided to keep a friend company who had to study late into the night. He decided to go to a MacDonald’s outlet to study, so there I was at 2:14 am, sitting at MacDonald’s, eating Chicken McNuggets, watching my friend ‘try’ to study, and playing Pacman on his laptop. How surreal. Reminds me of a scene that keeps recurring in Haruki Murakami’s stories.

‘The Wind-Up Chronicle’ was the first Murakami book that I read. This cult-status book got me thinking for weeks after I put down the book. The haunting images, surreal storyline and staccato prose stuck in my head and refused to be dislodged. Such is the magic of Murakami’s words. I was first recommended his books by my Japanese language sensei in Oxford, who told me I had to start with The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. It was so immensely captivating and yet disturbing, so beautiful and yet discordant that I had to ration the chapters I could read in a day so as to prolong the reading pleasure. (Fellow bookworms would know what I mean!) Very quickly, A Wild Sheep Chase, The Elephant Vanishes, South of the Border, West of the Sun, Kafka on the Shore all flooded my bookshelves.

Go pick up a Murakami book one of these days and see if you feel the same way I do about his writing. =)


~ by irwin on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Playing Pacman at 2:14 am”

  1. cool! so nice of you to keep ur fren company. I’m sure your fren would have been touched!

    which scene in which murakami’s book did that remind u of?

  2. yup, he was! but i think i distracted him more than helped him study, coz he kept laughing at how lousy i was at pacman when i kept getting eaten up by the ‘ghosts’…

    there are many similar scenes in murakami’s books that paint this picture of a seemingly ordinary scene, but laced with many nuances of meaning like loneliness, love, companionship, boredom, unspoken joy, assumptions etc.

    go pick up a book and be enthralled!

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