Welcome to wherever you are

This title of one of The West Wing episodes popped into my head as I was driving along the KPE that fully opened a few days ago. I drove the entire length of the KPE, from the TPE entrance near Tampines to the ECP exit at Fort Road. I actually thought it was quite a strange experience because you spend about 15 min or more just driving in a tunnel that seems to be without end. It even got a bit claustrophobic after a while! That plus it didn’t help that because the speed limit is 70km/h, all the cars in the tunnel slowed down to avoid being caught on the speed caemra speed, so everything just became slow motion, and stuck in some sci-fi stasis mode. But the KPE is pretty convenient because it quickly links me to the PIE and ECP which is great!


~ by irwin on September 23, 2008.

7 Responses to “Welcome to wherever you are”

  1. hey haha i like the picture, how’d u get it taken?

  2. haha…i didn’t take this picture! =P

  3. it’s not fun driving in the kpe with its speed limit only 70km/h. i always cant wait to get out and start accelerating on the slope out…

  4. wow, you started driving already! =) yeah, know what you mean, can’t wait for the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ LITERALLY, so that I can accelerate and drive at my normal speed on expressways which is 130km/h! (Haha…just kidding!) Hope no TP’s reading my blog…

  5. Maybe only from 12am to 5am you can… other times the fastest I could go was only 110km/h!! 😉

  6. Haha…u mean 110km/h on the KPE? Wow, that’s brave! =P
    Actually the fastest I could drive was also only 110km/h or so…any faster and my car feels like it’s about to take off and fly! (Light Jap car, that’s why!)
    What car do you drive?

  7. I don’t use the KPE at all, not sure where it is too! I only use the ECP so far… driving a Jap car too! A Camry! Its been really worth it 🙂

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