12 Muffins

I have a friend who keeps complaining that the muffins his mum bakes is very hard and not very nice. I told him that that’s not a nice thing to say. So he asked me to bake some muffins for him, and I did. 6 banana muffins and 6 chocolate-chip banana muffins. =)

I first tried baking last year because there was a new oven in the house. So I experimented with some recipes I took from old magazines. My first cake was a coffee walnut cake, which was a surprising success! But then the next 4 cakes (all the same type: coffee walnut) turned out wrong in one way or other (didn’t fluff the egg whites enough; had some egg yolk mixed with the egg whites; eggs were not fresh…as you can see, eggs play a very crucial role in baking! =) I probably would have given up if the first cake wasn’t a success and if I didn’t know I could make it turn out right in the first place. I later ventured to baking brownies, black sesame cakes, durian cream puffs, carrot cakes and even gingerbread men!

I realize that I like to create. The process of making something from nothing is an exhilarating experience, especially with baking where the final product is something that you give to others. Watching them enjoy your baked goods is such a joy! Erik Erikson wrote that the developmental challenging of adulthood is generativity versus stagnation. And how true that is. Stagnation is a scary thing. The moment we lose the capacity for creativity (and it’s not just creativity as in acting, painting, sculpting, but a sense of creativity where what we do enables us to express ourselves or to accomplish something meaningful), we start to stagnate. And the problem of stagnation is that it isn’t static. Once you start rotting, you don’t stop. Or as Erikson puts it succinctly, our choice is to grow or die.

I hope my friend enjoyed the 12 muffins! =)


~ by irwin on September 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “12 Muffins”

  1. The choc-chip banana muffins sound so delish!! And I’m sure they taste good too 🙂

  2. Haha…the choc-chip muffins were actually his last-minute idea because he took out a bag of choc chips from the fridge and started eating them on their own! Then he had this crazy idea of chucking them into the muffin mix, so I allowed him to do that for the 2nd batch of muffins. =)

    You gotto ask him if they taste yummy! =P

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