Catching Adam Cheng

I watched a reading of this play some time ago and loved it! Then there was an open audition for the actual staging of the play and I went for it…next thing I know I was told that I am offered a role! Or a few roles actually. =) I’m playing 3 different minor roles, but it’s jolly good fun because it’s also my first commercial play!

Basically, the story is about 4 old ladies in a nursing home and how they plan to escape from the home and from their tyrannical matron, ‘Tua Missy’, so that they can catch Adam Cheng in concert! Shan’t divulge more, but the whole play’s really hilarious, touching, funny, and heartwarming all at the same time. =)

So do come and watch to support me and see what wonderful ladies I work with on this set!

The play runs for 10 days: from 20 to 30 November, so find a day to drop in ok? Check out the details at:


~ by irwin on October 23, 2008.

9 Responses to “Catching Adam Cheng”

  1. Looks like a fun comedy! And you get 3 roles! Good on you! 🙂 Must be really exciting! Is this your first time acting on stage? How do you handle the stage-fright (if any)?

  2. Haha, the 3 roles are really minor ones! But I don’t mind because it’s the whole experience and living out one of my passions in life. =) I’ve acted in church plays before, but this is my first commercial play, and it’s been a fun journey so far!

    So will you be coming to watch the play? =)

  3. wah bro irwin, you’ve got a blog?! XP
    so cool! you’ll be in a play!! hmm. i cant be there to support you lar, but i’ll provide moral support from adelaide lar!
    all the best!!
    God bless!

  4. Will try!! Haven’t been to see a commercial play in years, though its one of my hobbies! The last one I’ve been to was a church play written by Pope John Paul, just last September… Will be cheering you on regardless!

  5. hey felicia, nice of you to find my blog! =) how did u manage to find it? btw, do you have a blog too?

    and thanks for your support all the way from adelaide! appreciate it! =) so how u doing there?

  6. hi jacqui! thanks for cheering me on…really hope u can come catch the play with your friends…especially since it’s one of your hobbies, like mine!

    wow, Pope John Paul wrote a play? i never knew that! =)

  7. haha! linked from elaiane’s blog! haha. yeah, i do. linked ya already! XP
    no problem! jia you! lol. make sure you tell me all about it when i get back! =D
    i’m doing fine here! last month of school then exams! loads of assignments and tests though… =(

  8. hi mr see! this is cheryl julai from tjc/ta. i don’t think you remember us anymore but we still do! anyway, i will try to catch the play cause i still think you’re the most awesomest teacher ever. XDDD all the best!

  9. hey julia! =) of course i remember you all! and that was an awfully nice thing for you to say! =)

    hope things are going well for you and the rest in TA…see you and your friends at the play then! stay in touch and you can add me on your MSN or facebook at =)

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