The director’s hand

After a number of rehearsals, I realise that acting is as much hard work as it is fun, but it certainly is rewarding and enriching! I’ve learnt so much during this short span of rehearsing for ‘Catching Adam Cheng’, and better still, got to know so many incredibly talented and wonderful people. =)

One of the (many many) observations I’ve made and learnt is the power of the vision of the director. While he may not be on stage ultimately when the play is being performed, the director’s hand is really felt throughout the whole play. The invisible directions of the director are so important that they can completely transform the personality of the character to suit the essence of the play by just a few directions. It really takes much creativity and clarity to be able to see the play being performed in the mind’s eye even as he has to take into account the individuals’ roles. I now understand why good directors are so highly acclaimed for in their hands the play or movie rises or falls.


~ by irwin on October 27, 2008.

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