Went back to TJC this morning to see my ex-TA students. It was such a joy to see so many of them! And their surprised, stunned and shocked faces as they walked from their PE lesson to the canteen, which quickly broke into broad and happy smiles. =) I would never give that up for anything. And it was then that I realised how very much I miss them. They kept asking me if I was going to go back to teach them History or General Paper (GP), and every time one of them asked that, I felt like answering: “Yes, I’m coming back. I’ll see you in class next year ok?” But other plans are in the works and I know it’s time for me to move on. But I really hope they will keep in touch, for as I have touched their lives, so they have touched mine in many ways too.

My TA students, you’re a special bunch! =)


~ by irwin on October 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “Homecoming”

  1. it was such a shock seeing you in the canteen, mr see! and you still look exactly the same! haha. and i miss your great history lessons with all the hot seats and man of the hour and the random toys you would bring! and and and, ‘vetting’ the bunch of people who went for the ta open house! awww man. you have have have to go back to tj more often!

    and i still swear that it was my telepathic powers that called you back! haha. XDDD

  2. that’s so sweet of u! 🙂

    soonkoon got me back last friday to speak to the kids about last min preparation for exams. i missed them too! did you catch angie? 🙂

    i miss you! you are the most awesomest history teacher ever! don’t ever give up on teaching me, alright? =)

  3. ahhh!! the comp hanged on me, so i had to re-type the msg.

    anyway, it was really nice to see you back in Tj today! Wish you would have stayed on to teach us GP though. Miss your classes, which were all so fun! And you’ve officially made it to the top of my list as one of the most impressionable teachers that i ever had! ((:

    come back visit us again soon ok! ((:

  4. Hey Mr See!
    It was super shocking to see you today, we all miss you alot! (: We all loved your history lessons to bits! Come back to see us more often! YAY YOU’RE MADE OF AWESOME! (:

  5. Mr.See, so happy to see you today in tj, but then so pitty I never talk to you ’cause I was rushing for chem lecture. =(
    I really miss those great history lessons, and won’t forgot civics we had in 1C~! Please do come back more often. WE REALLY MISS YOU~!

  6. Hey peeps, your comments really move me! And reading them brings back so many wonderful memories of the lessons we had together at the good ol’ TA Block, with me trying to keep you all quiet at the start of the lesson while fumbling to set up the silly projector at the same time, and also trying to take out one of the toys I would bring to class while complaining about the heat of the room too…haha…those were fun days, yeah? =P

    Do keep in touch and be good to your teachers ok? =)

  7. hey mr. see(: its great to see you back! really sad that you wont be coming back to teach in tj though): would have really looked forward to seeing you in college more often. haha but you really do look the same as you did 2 years ago!!
    if there was one teacher who could have made me like history, it is definitely you!(: really miss your funky history lessons. Come back to visit more often!(:

  8. Hello Mr See ! Was really, really glad t catch you at TJ on Tuesday! Really brought back many awesome memories; I remember you were one very special teacher who had (and still have) a unique way of inspiring students. And by the second lesson in the first week of school you could already match everyone’s names to his/her face! For a moment we thought maybe you’d be able t teach us History next year; but =\ Oh well, all the best in your endeavours and hope you come back t visit again soon!

    -AMY aka Yi Xian {haha believe it or not I was disappointed until you mentioned my real name!}

  9. Haha, how could I forget your name, Yi Xian? =P And thanks Liu Sha, Angel, Yi Xian GV, Ximin, Julia and each and every one of you (TA1s, now TA3s going to be TA4s!) for all the awesome and fun memories too! =) They will stay with me for a long long time to come… =)

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