Ever since my sis got married and moved out, I have been having the common bathroom to myself. And slowly it transformed to a place where my parents don’t venture in, because they use the bathroom in the master bedroom. Which also means that I have to wash the bathroom, replenish toothpaste etc.  Usually I don’t care much about these things as long as strange things don’t start appearing at strange places, so I will only run to get a new roll of toilet paper AFTER the old one is used up, or keep squeezing the toothpaste tube not so much because I want to get the most out of it, but because I don’t want to go and find a new tube…Haha! So the final days of the toothpaste tube’s life will see me brushing my teeth with a diminishing amount of toothpaste. Well, why am I telling all these is to show my surprise one late morning when my parents have gone out of the house, and I staggered to the bathroom, and saw a brand new toothbrush sitting on the sink. My old toothbrush was lying in the rubbish bin. Actually it can’t be called a toothbrush anymore because I’ve used it till it hardly resembles one! But just as I overlooked this, somehow my mum would always know when things need her touch.

This episode was made all the more poignant because I just read this fascinating children’s book called The Runaway Bunny. It appeared in a movie that I was watching entitled Wit and the scene is so touching that it made me want to rush out of my seat immediately and get the book. Which is about similar to what I did. The very same night I went to Borders and was elated to find a copy of it which I quickly bought. For all who have not read the book, it is a must-read for it tells of a simple love between a Mummy Bunny and her little bunny who wants to run away from her.  And only after reading it will you realize how much the word ‘shucks’ means at the end of the story…



~ by irwin on November 5, 2008.

8 Responses to “Shucks”

  1. Haha, I’ve got to read this book! Mummy bunny and little bunny ohmygod : ) on a side note, I share the bathroom with the older of my twin brothers and most of the time, it’s him doing the cleaning and replacing of items. Okay I’m rather ashamed of this, but thankful at the same time. Hey i do help out with the wiping of the mirror and stuff!

  2. bought the book!! I think your website is quite cool and have seen the erm..controversial photo but I think it’s ok 🙂 Do you mind if I put the link? Cus that means you have to maintain it well and children friendly.hehe

  3. Hey Yi Xian, glad to know you help out by ‘wiping the mirror and stuff’! Haha…better than not doing anything right? =P And yes, you MUST read this book, especially since I know your mum too! Do send my regards to her ok?

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for your ‘cool’ comment! Glad you like my blog…=) Nope, certainly won’t mind if you link my blog to yours, and yes, I will make it children-friendly too! =P

  5. Yep, mummy always knows best! She bought me butterscotch popcorn a.k.a comfort food. Its my solace for the rest of the papers.. that is if they last. Haha! They book sounds really interesting! Maybe I should read it and maybe my mom and i will get along better! =)

  6. Haha, you and your butterscotch popcorn…you’re such a silly little girl! =) But easy to make contented too, so that’s good. =P

    Yup, the book is really interesting! You can borrow it from me anytime ok?

  7. Funny how we don’t care very much about scrimping on things, like throwing away unwanted food, buying new clothes even though we have old ones that are still wearable, upgrading our gadgets etc. But toothpaste! Now THAT we save every last drop of, until, to quote Ellen Degeneres, we end up mixing water into the tube to make some kind of toothpaste soup to use for brushing with. But (for her) she buys a new house every year! No problem! Just save on the toothpaste…

  8. Haha, it’s true avalon! But it’s also so silly isn’t it, when you think of it? =) we save on the toothpaste but splurge on the house…penny-wise, pound-foolish, you reckon? Or maybe because we splurge on the other things that’s why we NEED to save on the toothpaste…!

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