A proper estimate of God

During sermon in church today, Pastor Tony touched on a theme which I have been pondering about for some time in my head. So it was with great surprise and delight that I heard him talk about how we need to have a proper view (or ‘estimate’ as he called it, which is an interesting word to use) of God vis-a-vis ourselves. On the one hand, we cannot see ourselves as “so small” that we are not worthy of His praise, or not useful for His purposes or not good enough for God. Because this is never what He intended us to feel. If we feel like a ‘nobody’, we are always a ‘somebody’ in God’s eyes, for we are all created and loved by Him. Thoughts of worthlessness, condemnation and uselessness fly against what Jesus meant when he said that He came to give us life, and life more abundant. On the other hand, we cannot see ourselves as “so big” that we think we can do it without God, or that we can achieve much on our own, or that we are in control of our lives. If we think we can be self-sufficient without a relationship with the Creator, we are merely deceiving ourselves for life is fragile and must be infused with a deeper meaning and purpose than mere existence and survival.

This reminds of a quote (yes, another quote! I love quotes! =) that I read somewhere relating the Jewish rabbinic tradition of asking a men to always carry two stones in his pocket. On one it should be inscribed, “I am but dust and ashes”. On the other, “For my sake was the world created”. And the man should use each stone as needed.

This I believe is the balanced view of a balanced God which we all need to hold in our heads in order to have “a proper estimate” of who He is.


~ by irwin on November 16, 2008.

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