‘Das Experiment: Black Box’

I watched the gala perfomance of ‘Das Experiment: Black Box’ last night because my friend had a special invitation ticket and asked me to accompany her. The play is based on a book written by Mario Giordano, which was made into a film, and which in turn was all based on the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment in the 1960s, which revealed (more than was intended I suspect)  many aspects of human behaviour, social conditioning, roles, reality and illusion. Below is a brief synopsis of the experiment:

“A group of men take part in a scientific study discovering the fine line between play-acting and reality. Volunteers arrive at a makeshift prison to take part in a two-week experiment analyzing behavioral patterns of a controlled prison environment. Half the volunteers pose as prison guards and the other half their prisoners. Two days into the experiment personalities and situations begin to get out of hand with the threat of complete chaos and death.”

What I really liked was also the interesting use of an unconventional place to stage the play (it was performed at the Far East Auditorium at Far East Square) and the design of the sets. Here’s a look at the sets used in the film which mirrored the sets in the play:



~ by irwin on November 16, 2008.

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