Pooja the poet

Met a wonderful friend of mine for lunch the other day at Bakery Depot (‘dee-pot’ as we called it =) We met at 1 and didn’t leave till 4:30! It was such an exuberant time of feelings of connectedness, friendship, warmth, laughter, grumbles, love all rolled into a 3 1/2 hour lunch. And what makes it all the more amazing is that although we haven’t met up or caught up for the last 2 years, yet when we met, we picked off right where we left off 2 years ago. It was an interesting experience, but I’m really glad we could go back to what we were and moved even far more beyond. Pooja’s a lovely friend and ex-colleague who made my days at TJC all the more richer and fun! WIll never forget the days of chair-rowing across the staff room together, long conversations over yummy and not-so-yummy coffee about everything and anything, preparing for Teachers’ Day skit amidst grumbles and sighs and so much more! =)

I was also wonderfully surprised that she published a book on poetry last year! I always knew that Pooja has that hidden (ok, not so hidden most of the time) talent within her and writing poems is just up her alley. But to publish a book on it…Wow! =) And she said she’s going to give me a personally autographed copy…Double wow! =) I have always loved poetry because I think it’s beautiful how poems often capture and express so much in so few words.  My favourite poets are Emily Dickinson, W. H. Auden and e.e. cummings, and of course now I have one more to add to that list: Pooja Nansi!  And guess what her book of poems is called? ‘Stiletto Scars’. How very her! Hahaha…but it sure sounds cool! =)


~ by irwin on November 16, 2008.

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