My new company: +venture learning

I got mentioned in The New Paper yesterday! There was a 2-page writeup on the new Maths newsletter I am currently writing and editing. It is part of the stuff we do at my new company, +venture learning, which was set up by 2 friends and me. Hey, check out our website which I think is quite cool! (also because I helped to design it…=) It’s at We also do tuition at the JC level for Maths and General Paper (GP), so drop me a message if you are interested ok? =P

And here’s the cute ‘fat-boy’ logo of our Maths newsletter. Look out for him in all primary schools come January next year!



~ by irwin on November 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “My new company: +venture learning”

  1. hi ‘son’, this is the first time I respond to someone’s blog (honest! ‘mothers don’t lie to sons eh? – pl note inverted commas are significant!)
    just want to put in writing my sincere best wishes for thesuccess of your new venture. Just do it lah, even if you may have to make some iced lemon tea on the way!


  2. thanks ‘mum’! =)

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