Caught Adam Cheng!

So, Adam Cheng is finally caught and the run is ended! Feeling a bit of post-production blues now, like: “Huh, tonight no rehearsal and no show ah?” =)

Have experienced a number of sensations during the whole run of the show, and would like to share some of them with you as the audience of my world:

1. Watching the play from the wings is an interesting experience. You see the characters but only from their side profiles and then only through the veil of the black cloth that separates the backstage and the actual stage; real life and stage life. As you watch and listen to the play unfold at the wings, you can feel the play’s energy and pacing so intimately.

2. From the wings, as I watched the four ladies perform on stage night after night, I can’t help but tell Esther that: “I love these ladies and I’m going to miss them”.

3. Drama is a paradox, but oh what a lovely one! You need to be spontaneous in your reactions on stage and yet your lines have already been fixed in the script. In a sense, you know how the future will turn out within the play, but you must only always live, perform and act in the present moment as if you have no idea how things are going to turn out. Anticipation has to be tempered with foreknowledge; curiosity has to be mixed with certainty. When you step out beyond the black cloth, you step into an universe that is always the same, and yet always different as well. Same because it is the same play; different because every acting experience is new, and the audience is new and you never know what to really expect (if you should be expecting even in the first place!)

4. It’s amazing how you can pick out the sounds of the people you know in the audience, just by listening from the wings. When a friend laughs, or when your sister giggles, or when your dad clears his throat…all these somehow float up to the surface and bring a knowing smile to my face as I recognise their individual unique ‘sounds’, and know that they are enjoying the play.

5. On the last night of the performance, when I changed out of my various costumes for the very last time, there was such a sense of sadness washing over me as it felt as if these characters that I have played (Male nurse, cafe guy, Jason, donator) have died one by one because they will no longer exist. As the sets and props were being kept after that final performance, I saw a world being packed into a box, like a pop-up book being closed for the last time. The worlds of Green Meadows nursing home, Solid Rock cafe, Esplanade which have been constant and unchanging for the past 2 months, will now only survive in the memories of all who came to watch, to act, to play.

I love drama more and more and how it continually challenges me, teaches me and amazes me…

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. ~ Oscar Wilde


~ by irwin on December 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Caught Adam Cheng!”

  1. totally can understand how u feel.
    well, life moves on..
    hope to work with you again..
    Those gossips that we had outside the theatre/toilet, seems to be like just yesterday.

  2. you were great. (:

  3. thanks yun and ran! =)

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