Forever Young

“If you know you could die at any moment, then what is the point of growing up?”

This is the central question posed by a character in the anime movie I just watched: ‘The Sky Crawlers’.  It’s a beautifully rendered film, both literally and figuratively. The dogfight scenes of aerial warfare feel so real that at many times I caught myself asking, is that real footage or computer graphics? The story tells of a group of pilots called the Kildren, who never grow old. They are stuck in the adolescent stage and are forced to forever repeat the endless cycle of life, flying, love, sex, crisis. There seems to be only one way out, but is that really a way out? I shan’t divulge simply because I feel it does not do it justice if you don’t watch the movie for yourself. And have I mentioned how enthralling the music in the movie is?



~ by irwin on December 7, 2008.

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