I want a dog!

Okay, the title sort of explains the purpose of this blog entry. =)

Have always wanted a dog, but my parents say ‘No Way!’, so I’m trying to think of ingenious ways to ‘smuggle’ one home. Hmmm. like maybe having my friends get me a puppy for Christmas?





~ by irwin on December 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “I want a dog!”

  1. haha, better consider carefully. 🙂 it’s a whole load of responsibilities (this is the easier part), the worst thing for me was when my Lady had to be put to sleep due to liver/kidney failure. rah. 😦

  2. Lol. i randomly stumbled onto yr blog. Yeah my parents are like that too! Tell me if you succeed haha. And, i should be posting this on yr “Love Actually” post, but i like Hugh Grant! 😀 k so random.

  3. Haha, randomly stumbled? How did you do that? =P But am glad you found my blog sandra! Yes, I will let you know when I succeed although it is looking harder by the day…=P

    And char, I know what you mean…taking care of a whole new life is a huge responsibility! But I know I am ready for it. =) Sorry to hear about your Lady though…

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