And she whispered: “I could love you.”

And one day the Little Prince came to a new planet. It was very green and very watery, as if there was no land for him to stand and to find his footing. But he managed to find a small piece of rock to stand. And so he stood. And then he saw a mermaid. As the mermaid swam towards him, he noticed that she had beautiful eyes. So he called her The Green Mermaid with the Beautiful Eyes.


And the Little Prince and the Mermaid began to talk. Not in the usual verbal way at first. It was through an electrical connection which that planet had, something like the ’emails’ that we are used to at home. At first they talked about simple things. Then they talked about their own planets, and the Little Prince talked about his flower, and the Mermaid talked about how she danced and played netball in the sea. And very soon the Little Prince realised that there was a barely visible but very real thread that grew out of nowhere and it began to connect him to the Mermaid. So that whenever either of them moved apart from each other, the other could feel it, like a gentle tug. When the Little Prince went closer to inspect the thread, he saw that it was made of gossamer, the same material that butterflies’ wings are made of. How interesting, he thought.

And then after a few days (or hours or split-seconds or years depending on which planet you are counting time on), The Little Prince reached out to hold the hand of the Mermaid. It lasted for 7 seconds but to the Little Prince it felt like a long long time. And after a while she whispered: “I could love you.” The Little Prince was surprised and he blushed. And the Little Prince felt his heart skip a half-beat. And the Mermaid felt her heart skip a beat too. And the Mermaid thought: Maybe everything could all work out after all…


~ by irwin on December 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “And she whispered: “I could love you.””

  1. And so I shall, I love you.

  2. “The Little Prince is upset when he sees the sunset, maybe coz another great day has come to an end. But without the sunset, there won’t be the beginning of the next awaiting day. So says the green mermaid he meets at the planet that has 1 fabulous sunset and 1 breathtaking sunrise.”

  3. So shall we, watch the sunset and sunrise together? For more than one more day. We’ll make it happen.. Shall we?

  4. We’ll make it happen!

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