The things we do for love


Watched ‘Love Actually’ (for the 1st time actually!) on TV last night. It was a beautifully-woven show with overlapping threads of the different kinds of love that we may experience: friendship, spousal, parental, sibling, puppy, forbidden…

And the one theme that I noticed in the movie is that when we are in love, we do crazy things! =) We discover that when we love someone, we could learn to play a musical instrument when we have zero musical talent; we could halt a passionate moment to answer a desperate phone call; we could jump into the car and drive to wherever to find someone when all we know is the name of the street and we have to start knocking on every door on the street; we could express what we feel for someone only by writing in big block letters on thick white cardboard sheets…

And we can put up with a cheesy song in the movie like ‘Christmas is all around us’ and still love the singer and his chubby manager!


~ by irwin on December 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “The things we do for love”

  1. Hey Mr See! Sunday night was my very first time watching “Love Actually” too! I thought the initial part was rather confusing, but it got better and better towards the middle & the beautiful end! I really liked the 11-year-old boy who had this huge crush on the small girl; the final bit at the airport was really touching! He actually crossed all the barriers just t make known his feelings for her. So sweet right!

    HAHA not to forget I was tearing like mad when the guy (can’t rmb his name in the show) appeared at the married girl’s doorstep with the white cardboard sheets. That was like, ohmygod!

    : ) take care!

  2. Oh, you watched it for the 1st time too? It’s really great right?
    Yup, those are 2 of my favourite scenes in the movie too! The first one with the boy shows love that is yet to be realised, whereas the ‘cardboard guy’ shows love that will probably never be unrealised…

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