From earth to heaven

I just got back from a mini-concert at the Esplanade. My friends were signing Christmas songs in acapella, and they belong to a group called ‘agapella’. (It’s a playful mix of the word ‘agape’ meaning love in Greek, and ‘acapella’!) Sitting down on the huge cushions in the concourse and listening to them sing, I wonder if this is what it is going to be like in heaven: sitting down on clouds and listening to beautiful voices sing forever. They are truly amazing in the way they use only human voice to create all the various types of melodies and music. Go find out more about them at and catch their next performance!

Speaking of heaven, I remember talking to a co-actor about what I think heaven is like. We were sitting in the wings, waiting for our show to start, and that 15 minutes after the house is open and before the show starts, were the most intense 15 minutes every night of the show’s run. What she would do is she would stand by the wall and listen to the sounds that would carry over from the front to the back. And she would tell me that in all that noise is anticipation and excitement; energy and life. And I remember telling her: I think this is what heaven’s gonna be like. We will always be in that 15 minutes when we feel alive and passionate, and ready to go! With a sense of life and joy and excitement all wrapped up in a mode that would be suspended for eternity. Imagine that! What were the most exciting and joyful times in your life? Heaven would probably feel like the moments just before those times. As Marcel Proust said, “Love, ever unsatisfied, lives always in the moment to come”.

And she smiled.


~ by irwin on December 19, 2008.

5 Responses to “From earth to heaven”

  1. “Even if you could replay your memory exactly, it would never be like being there again, you could never bring someone back from then to now. And if you could, perhaps that would be a lonely world in the first place, a world where we really are all just in one another’s minds.”

    I did smile…and in your memory,i’ve smiled again.
    If only these moments never ever end…

    i do miss talking to you.

  2. “In the world of memory, all is frozen. Frozen looks, frozen touches, frozen words. Everything is much more solid than reality which is always rushing inexorably forward like a train that never stops at stations. Unattainable but always there; inaccessible but always present. Is this then better than presence?”

    I just came up with that. =P

    I do miss talking to you too. Hope you’re keeping well.

  3. perhaps we hv a different take on wad reality is…or perhaps we hv different realities.
    But no,memories aren’t more solid than reality.not to me@least.
    Then again…i always said perhaps i’m delusional.

    how was your 1st filming experience?
    got to see it yet?

  4. Nope, they are still editing it…am looking forward to watching it! =)

    Haha, you are not delusional…just that perhaps words obscure more than they reveal, and maybe words are what we used to construct our own realities to deal with the external ‘real’ reality that we sometimes have no control over?

    Haha, ok maybe I’m the delusional one! =)

  5. then perhaps our delusions are our realities n vice versa…
    hard to say…
    sometimes i wish i saw the world in black and white…these shades of greys always give me headaches.

    has icarus been flying…?

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