I’m lost without you

So I finally bought myself a GPS!

It’s great! Touch screen, key in end location, and I’m off! No more frantic flipping through the street directory at the red light; no more stopping by the bus-stop to check direction; no more turning the street directory upside-down and left-side-right and front-side back just to figure out how where I am; no more U-turns; no more “Er, I’m sorry I’m late coz I can’t find my way”.

Whenever my friends/passengers comment on my lack of directional sense, I would tell them that my talents lie elsewhere. =) So this is one area that I would gladly leave to a machine and concentrate on bettering my other erm, talents that don’t involve finding my way around.

Hoorah! I will never be lost on the roads again!


~ by irwin on December 28, 2008.

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