The best Christmas present I received this year

So I was sending off mass SMSes on Christmas Eve wishing friends a blessed Christmas and telling them to keep warm because it was a rainy evening, and to be still and ponder upon the true meaning of Christmas. And out of the many sweet SMSes I received, one stood out from the rest. It was from my dear friend Audrey and she wrote:

“Merry christmas irwin! I’m very happy this christmas as I fully appreciate its true meaning this time. =) See you 26!”

I stared at that SMS for the longest time and something moved within my heart. I was standing outside St. Andrew’s Cathedral waiting for another friend to attend Christmas Eve service with, when I received Aud’s message. You see, when I first met Audrey, she was a non-believer, but I was so happy when she told me that she received Christ into her heart this year. Amongst all my lovely Christmas gifts (such as a handmade dinosaur fossil from Mei En; a soft toy dog from Amy in case I can’t get a real one, a cool hat from Andrew; a personalized namecard holder from Corina; a book on e e cummings’ poems by Nancy), this SMS stands out as special because the most wonderful and precious gift of all has been received by my dear friend.


~ by irwin on December 29, 2008.

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