“Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be”

Watched ‘Australia’ on the first day of 2009, and already I think it’s going to take top place as the best movie I watched (am going to watch?) this year. As an epic romance story set in an exotic environment amidst tumultuous times, it is wonderfully rendered. The touching story of the boy Nullah adds something magical and heartwarming to the backdrop of the movie as well. And of course, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackson basically sizzle the screen like so many Aussie BBQs! The company I watched with completely completes the breathtaking experience too…=)


~ by irwin on January 3, 2009.

5 Responses to ““Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be””

  1. agreed =) I love the show too. Would want to watch it a few more times. I thought Australia would top the best Movie I watched this year as well, until… I watched The Dutchness! I think you should catch it! It is EVEN better, and the themes involved in The Dutchness is just breathtaking. I am going to find out if it is based on a true historical past/ some book/ etc, because the plot of the movie, and everything, is just too brilliant to be just a movie by itself.

    PS: I always think good movies come from some kind of a book. Book Writers seem to have more sense of plot and theme awareness than… movie writers? Just my assumption. Highly encourage you to watch The Dutchness if you liked Australia.

  2. this is yixiu, forgot to mention. and yeah, my site is januarywinds.wordpress.com

  3. my gosh. spam. but error, it is The Dutchess.

  4. Oh, I shall catch the show before the run ends then! =)
    Glad you enjoyed Australia too!

  5. So why January Winds? =P

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