My 2nd best gift this year (so far)!

Today I received my 2nd best gift this year (so far)! =) There was a bulky envelope on my table when I got home and it was sent from the UK. In it was a copy of the December 2008 issue of The Journal of Modern Chinese History.


And the reason I am so elated is because I have my first article published in it! This is the fruit of many months of work: from the first time I submitted my manuscript to  the journal through many many rounds of reviews and editing (there was even a stage when I thought my article could not be published) and finally to see it published, bound and circulated is a wonderful feeling! =)



~ by irwin on January 13, 2009.

16 Responses to “My 2nd best gift this year (so far)!”

  1. Any possibility of sharing your article online? Wondering…
    The title stirred some interest in me.

  2. Hahaha…it’s a loooong article…u sure you wanna read it? =)

  3. Irwin,

    Finally arrived at your blog. Nice ! Calling yourself a prince and still not married. Must be a lot of ugly princesses out there or probably ugly female frogs.

    So happy that your article is published and circulated. I am surprised that your article is so long yet the publisher have a go at it. May be he said “Give me a break” and decided to give you one.

    Keep up the good work ! May be one day you help me with my “lame” articles. I just love a handicap at it. Got it ?

    Uncle D

  4. now i finally understood that Britain and America had divulging outlooks on China!

    I tolddd you its interesting and worthy of a read.

  5. omg congrats!!! wahh…soon you’ll be famous! HAHA!

  6. Uncle D, so resourceful eh? Can find my blog without me telling you! =)

    Actually I don’t need many princesses or female frogs…just one special one will do! =)

    The original article was even longer! I had to pare it down from 15,000 words to under 10,000 words, which was difficult. Glad it finally went to print! =)

    And yes, I got your lame ‘lame’ joke (as always…=)

  7. Jess, glad you enjoyed my article! =) Thanks for taking the time to read it!

  8. Sharis, what do you mean ‘soon you’ll be famous’? I AM already famous! Bwahahahahahahahha =) All the subjects in my kingdom know me! =P

    Well, how have you been? What are you busy with these days? =)

  9. Congrats!!!!!

  10. Thanks Su! =) How have you been?

  11. wah i see yr ego is still around. 🙂 just busy with school. wan’s the busier one! she’s doing another show for action theatre!

  12. wow, really? i must go ‘disturb’ her then…haha…=)

  13. yupps go disturb her and gen! they’re together again! hee.

  14. YEa Yea i am back. I am DAMN busy, collapsed soon. and u are most welcome to disturb Us Irwin, provided u bring food for us!! 🙂 and bought ticket to watch of coz

  15. cool! =) got coms tix for me or not? *grin* are you working on Singapore Love Letters?

  16. no, only at imelda’s boys, haha

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