I love poems and this is why

“Poems so easily and guilelessly articulate our problems that the words seem to become our own after the first echo. Poems respect our grief and experience by not blithely assuring us that things will get better. Things often don’t. What’s easier to say is that we will get better. Catastrophes, losses, and failures that once made each second pass so heavily don’t press down on us so much as we read these poems and the days flip by. The right poem at the right time, the right words in the right order can put all these whirling thoughts to rest. It can show you a way through or it can give you a shield to hide behind. It can turn the light back on in a place you thought was permanently disconnected. It can lie for years dusty with neglect until one day its meaning becomes clear and recognition blows away the cobwebs.”

from 101 Poems that could save your life (by Daisy Goodwin and Scott Simon)


~ by irwin on February 12, 2009.

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