Good movies all in a row

Last weekend, I watched a number of movies that were shown on TV, and 2 of them were actually shows I have been wanting to catch for a long time now: ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw that they were both being shown around the same time, because they have always been on my list of “Past movies to rend and watch”. And both shows certainly did not disappoint with their captivating plots and wonderful acting (Tim Robbins in ‘Mystic River’ was fantastic and Jim Carrey in ‘Eternal Sunshine’ was differently good =)

What was also interesting was that I watched ‘Away from Her’ on the same night as I watched ‘Eternal Sunshine’. Both revolve around the idea of a loss of memory: one uncontrollable due to Alzheimer’s disease, the other intentional due to a desire to erase a memory of a past relationship. For me, the movies raised more questions than answers (which is a good thing):

1. How much are you willing to do for someone you love but who doesn’t recognise who you are anymore?

2. Would you want to go back to the starting point of a relationship when you know in advance how the relationship would turn out?

3. How far are our present actions shaped by our past memories?


~ by irwin on February 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Good movies all in a row”

  1. Hi, Mr Irwin!!! this Thurs goin to have preview for imelda’s boys, u wana watch? sms me, tell me hw many tic u wan k.

  2. Hey thanks for keeping me in mind, Su! Would love to go but I’ve got a prior appointment for that evening. Catch up another time soon? =) Hope the run goes smoothly and successfully! =)

  3. […] but powerful play that left me thinking about my previous posts, and the ideas of memory and love. (see previous posts: Good movies all in a row and The Long Goodbye) And always, my grandmother… <!– /* Font Definitions */ […]

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