I’m back!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and thanks to all my readers & friends who emailed/smsed/facebooked/MSNed to ask me to keep on writing (and also: where the $@#^! are you?!) So I’m back! =)

I also received a piece, or rather pieces, of good news yesterday when the A-Level results were announced. Most of my tuition students from last year got an A or B for General Paper, and they were so happy because they have been borderline-passing or failing GP most of their JC lives. 3 of them called me and they were so grateful and elated which was really touching! This is definitely one of the intangible perks of being a teacher and one that keeps educators going…well done, guys! =)

And here’s the advertising part: I’ll be starting 2 more classes of GP tuition soon, so anyone who is interested or knows of somebody who might be interested in GP tuition, drop me a note!


~ by irwin on March 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. BRO IRWIN. where are you ??
    miss you so much(: heehee. hope to see u soon okie?

  2. Hi Sylvia, thanks for dropping a note! Hope to see you soon too! =)
    How’s things in school for you?

  3. oh. im not schooling now. currently working at DTE. waiting for school to start. what bout u??

  4. wow wow wow! impressive results! so happy for you and your kids too. the perks of being a tutor, educator, inspire-r.


  5. Thanks Jess! You’re going to be one soon too, so welcome to the family! =)

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