Giving is its best reward

Met up with an ex-student for lunch today, and passed him his super-belated Christmas present, which has funnily doubled up as his birthday present too, because his birthday just passed yesterday! =) He’s off to Oxford to read History and Politics next year and I bought him a book which I enjoyed very much about ideas that have changed the world. He messaged me after that to say that was the exact book he has always wanted! =) Following that, I met another ex-tuition student who has applied to do Medicine in NUS. This cute boy is so excited and hardworking that he actually prepared 42 possible questions for his interview! I really hope he gets into the course he wants. =) Then, I met a friend for dinner whom I have been praying would come to know the Lord soon and gave a book that I bought last week. It’s called ‘I Want to Believe’. It’s an interesting book because it talks about our desire to want to believe in the truth but the search can be confusing at times because of the many existing different faiths. But more importantly, it shows how we can come to know the truth for ourselves and to know God personally. And in between these meet-ups, I managed to buy a classical music CD for my sis and a Chinese Bible for my mum’s friend. I always feel happy when I buy gifts for people which they either need or want, and always realizing that giving is really its best reward!


~ by irwin on April 4, 2009.

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