P.S. I’m Sorry

Last week, I did filming for a few segments of an upcoming Channel U programme called “P.S. I’m Sorry”. It’s actually quite a brilliant idea for a TV programme, I thought. They collect real-life stories of people who want to apologise for a past mistake, incident or misunderstanding and help them contact the other party so that they can say sorry and bring about reconciliation. But my roles are quite ‘pathetic’ ones: in one scene, I play a husband whose wife returns him their wedding ring because she is leaving him; in another, I am standing at the tombstone of someone whom I want to say sorry to, but it’s now too late. So never wait till it’s too late to say you’re sorry, or that you love somebody, or to say thank you, or simply to say: How are you?


~ by irwin on April 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “P.S. I’m Sorry”

  1. haha.
    When will the programme be on TV?

  2. hey irwin, wow you’re on tv! when is it coming out?

  3. haha….dun tell you, shy lah! =)

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