There is a fly in my urinal!

I was in a toilet at a shopping centre the other day and as I was urinating, I looked at the urinal and noticed something interesting. The urinal had a picture of a fly on it! I think it’s not a new phenomenon as I have seen it before, and as I looked at the fly picture, I wondered (as I probably wondered the first time I saw it) what it was doing there. All the other urinals had a picture of a fly in them as well. Any ideas?

imagesIt also led me to think of something else about urinals. (after reading my blog entries, you would have probably known by now that my mind travels to many places at the same time, but strangely I can’t multitask! Sorry, what were you saying as I was typing?) At an art exhibition in 1917, an unusual piece of art went on display. Here it is:

marcel-duchamp-fountain1This of course is ‘Fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp, which caused a huge stir in the art world and has been accredited with starting the ‘postmodern art’ trend. In fact, it was named in a recent survey as the most influential art piece of the 20th century, because it sparked off the whole flurry of questions about “What is art?” Can an orange placed on a pedestal in a museum be considered art? Or how about a few random splotches of paint on a blank canvas? (read: Jackson Pollock) Or soiled bedsheets? (read: Tracey Emin) Or are we like the crowd in the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, awaiting a child to come along and shout: “But he’s not wearing anything!”?


~ by irwin on April 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “There is a fly in my urinal!”

  1. This seems relevant to your post:

  2. The picture of the fly is to remind you to zip your flies up! I think…

  3. or it could be something that helps you to ‘aim’. killing two birds with one ‘fly’ i guess.

  4. Yes! That’s what I did to the fly…I ‘aimed’ and ‘killed’ it! It was kinda fun! (ooops, doesn’t sound that right…)

  5. This is funny!!!

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