Big enough, small enough

“Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.” – Jonathan Kozol

The person who came up with this quote must have lived my life. I can’t fight for causes or do a job or spend my time doing things which hold little meaning for me. I think I might get bored easily and look for new challenges. That is why I am always doing and juggling many different things. But at the same time, I have learned that while the battles I pick must be big enough to matter to me (and for the people around me and to the world in general), they must also be small enough to win. Battles which are huge (and where you probably end up dying on the battlefield) may do much for the “learning experience” meter in your life, but little for the soul. Just like in teaching and assessment where we may set the bar so high at times that our students are just not able to reach it. Discouragement is a poor teacher, and it’s a thin line between that and healthy pressure. As tutors, we must know the difference or our students will keep dying on battlefields where they should be excelling in glory.


~ by irwin on May 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Big enough, small enough”

  1. HI!!!
    Doing different things definitely provide new challenges and they do prevent you from getting bored. But new challenges can also be found in that one thing that you do. That’s how we become better at what we do, righhtt?
    Anyways, call me if you get bored. I’ll entertain you! =D

  2. You are a gem! =)

  3. =) i like this post

  4. thanks xiu! =) saw my comment on your blog? so what’s the decision so far?

  5. haha. i seldom reply blog comments. usually reply personally (on msn to the person or sms). i chose smu. but a big part of me regretted not choosing nus because i cannot take lit in smu. but that is only one regret. so i guess it is okie.. did a cost benefit analysis thing. so that’s why i chose smu. lol. so practical. but it is like that..

  6. continued.. (was disconnected). but after a while, u know the cost benefit analysis thing, there was much more in favour for nus than smu.. and i threw the sheet of paper away. and chose smu. it was for a very personal reason, mostly surrounded by reasons for God. I can’t quite explain it here. but sometimes, things one do for God, make no bloody worldly sense, but one still go ahead and do it- cos it is worth it eternally. maybe i share with u more in private.

  7. sure…thanks for writing back =) catch up soon k?

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