When you least expect it

Went for a compulsory briefing today at NP for all teaching staff, which included adjunct lecturers. So like an obedient boy, I went to the meeting which agenda looked very administrative, expecting basically to take down dates, times, and website addresses and that’s it. However, I was blown away by the 2nd half of the session, which was a sharing session by 4 lecturers on their creative usage of e-learning tools in their lessons. I quickly became interested (and awake) and started asking questions to find out more about how to customise these for various subjects and modules. I am already started to explore (in my now-awoken head) the many ways I can employ these for Irwin’s Study. =) So you see, learning can take place, even when you least expect it.


~ by irwin on May 27, 2009.

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