Used Paper Envelopes

It’s funny how something you do so naturally and without much thought can grow to become so iconic of you. You see, I have a habit of keeping envelopes that I have opened so that I can re-use them by writing at the back of the envelopes. It’s amazing how many lists you can write on them: to-do lists, to-buy lists, to-tape lists…the list goes on! And the good thing about envelopes is that they are generally thicker than just pieces of rough paper, so they are durable to bring around and they are nice-sized so they are handy to carry around! And then there are envelopes of different sizes, so I use them for different purposes, and my face automatically does a little scrunch when I turn to the back of an envelope and see that there is already printing on it because that means I can’t write on it (ok, I know I sound like an envelope-geek, but hey everyone is entitled to one pet quirk right? I just happen to make mine used paper envelopes =)

So how did I know that became iconic of me? When my sister (who doesn’t stay with me now) comes home for dinner and gives me HER used envelopes from her home which she said she has been keeping for me. And when my friends wave used envelopes at me when we meet. And when I find other people’s used envelopes appearing on my study table. Used paper envelopes. Try them someday!


~ by irwin on May 29, 2009.

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