7 little things

In the midst of the ‘busy-ness’ of running your own business, here are the little things that come out of nowhere to touch you:

1. A student comes up to you after the lesson and says, “That was the best GP lesson I ever had”.

2. Your aunt’s colleagues ‘pay’ her $3,000 to sing a MJ song at a company event and she calls you to ask her to donate the amount to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

3. A friend leaves a box of stationery outside Irwin’s Study at midnight because “he was just passing by the place”.

4. You bring your parents to eat the world’s best Chicken Curry, only to find that the stall is closed, only to try an equally nice stall selling porridge.

5. You start your daily swimming regime again.

6. A friend comes home from Prague and visits Irwin’s Study and you spend a nice lazy afternoon catching up.

7. You get a nice shoulder massage after 4 hours of teaching.


~ by irwin on July 21, 2009.

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