I am turning into an E-rwin. E-verything seems to be E-learning these days. Which is quite fun actually. Last week I had an E-lesson for my Poly students because we were not supposed to go to campus, as a test drill for in case the campus has to close (read: H1N1). But lessons had to go on, so we had to transform our lessons for that day into an E-lesson. The lesson that I was supposed to have was on Persuasive Writing, so we had a online debate on whether abortion should be criminalised. Well, the ideal was to have students taking a stand, providing their reasons why they chose that stand and then listening to arguments from the other side and trying to refute those points. What transpired instead in a chatroom of 20 students was something like this:

“Wah, so cool, we should have more e-chat lessons like dis!”

“Eee, might as well use MSN.”

“Haha, can I afk (away from keyboard) and watch Ellen show at the same time? You won’t know also rite?”

“I am eating chips. Yums!”

“How come I drink cough syrup, I cough more?”

As you can see, much learning took place. =P But seriously it was a fun and educational experience, and I must say that they raised many good points on both sides of the abortion debate.

The other E-thing I did was to be interviewed from London via Skype! A friend’s friend is doing a Masters in Social Communciation at LSE and she wanted to interview someone who have studied there before. We had a 45-min interview and the voice quality was really good!

~ by irwin on July 22, 2009.

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