Little Miss Sunshine


I love this movie. Watched it for the 2nd time last Saturday evening at Nancy’s place during our monthly movie club. It’s such a great thing, this movie club. How it works is: Nancy cooks a sumptuous dinner, we watch one of the many movies that she collects, and then we share our thoughts and insights about the movie while tucking into dessert. =)

I like Little Miss Sunshine because it is an honest show that doesn’t try to be something else. It portrays dreams being pursued, being mocked, being shattered, being rebuilt and being abandoned. I always discover new things when I watch this movie, and one scene that got my attention last Saturday was this exchange between Olive (the little girl) and her Uncle Frank:

Olive: Uncle Frank, do you think there is a heaven?

Uncle Frank: Well, I don’t think anyone can know that for sure.

Olive: I know, but what do you think?


~ by irwin on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “Little Miss Sunshine”

  1. hey..i love this show too =)

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