Are we there yet?

Just the other day I was at Page One bookshop, and guess what I saw? Calendars and organizers for 2010 on sale. I thought to myself: We’re only in September! Is it that we are somehow moving faster and anticipating earlier such that the passage of time has become, or needs to be, accelerated? 5 seconds is too long for a webpage to load (what? so long?); we stand in front of our microwave ovens asking our food to heat up faster (can it be any faster?); and we start making irritating, barely-audible noises when the person in front of us does two transactions (one is enough!) on the ATM machine.


~ by irwin on September 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Are we there yet?”

  1. That’s so true! I get annoyed when ppl who stay on the second floor share the same lift with me. I be asking “Why can’t they just take the stairs?” Unknowingly, I have become less patient.

  2. Lucky I stay on the 3rd floor. =)

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