A To-Do List

Ever since my friend showed me that you could have ‘To-Do’ reminders posted on the wallpaper of your handphone (yes, I’m not a techie), I have been using it to great effect. And just the other day, I was musing at the words on display: “6 to-do items not done”. The number always fluctuates, but it has never, never been “0 to-do items not done”. Sometimes before you can reduce the number, you add another item to the list, and so the list balloons. Are our lives about having to complete all our to-do items? How much control over our lives do we have if all the time, new items pop up on our to-do list? No wonder there is this quote about how events are in the saddle, and ride mankind.

But a to-do list may not be all that bad. Just watched ‘The Bucket List’ a few weeks ago about how 2 men dying from cancer came up with a list of things to do in the last 6 months they have left before they kick the bucket. Interesting and heartfelt idea which demonstrates that sometimes we don’t live until we know we are dying. Everyday brings us one day closer and so we move inexorably towards the end. But before you think this is going to be a morbid, doom-and-gloom blog post, it’s not! I think it’s refreshing for us to pause and think of what we would like to do or have done or dreamt of doing. So this is my attempt at coming up with my own list!

1. Run up the escalator the wrong way
2. Study in Oxford
3. See the Eiffel Tower
4. Act in a play
5. See my name in print
6. Cook a meal
7. Scuba-dive
8. Visit Prague
9. Go sky-diving
10. *Censored*
11. Shave my head bald
12. Attend a pop concert
13. Learn to play the erhu
14. Write a book
15. Start a business
16. Dye my hair
17. See the Pyramids
18. Learn to surf
19. *Censored*
20. Kiss under a mistletoe
21. Make a movie

Ok, that’s all I can think of right now. Haha, but I’m sure they will be more to come! =)


~ by irwin on October 1, 2009.

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