Elizabeth Lam!

IMG_0029 (2)

This is my 1-month-old niece, Elizabeth!

She is a naughty little girl who loves to be carried.

But she would box you on the face even if you carry her.

If you ‘scold’ her, she will smile at you sometimes. =)

She likes to sleep with her legs folded.

She loves to stretch. And stretch. And stretch.

She smells nice.

I love her to bits!


~ by irwin on November 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Elizabeth Lam!”

  1. Awwwww she’s so sweet and cute!
    I esp like the she smells nice bit. ;p

  2. Thanks for the post Kao Fu…u caught me in action about to “box” you! Nice. 😉 Yup, you’re right about the “love to be carried” part..but I heard from Por Por you were worse than me when you were a baby..would cry when the bus stopped moving and Gong Gong would be sooooo embarrassed byt your crying and alight the bus! =P Oh, actually, tell u a little secret..I hope all the stretching I do makes me grow taller faster! =D Don’t want to end up so short like Daddy and Mummy! And thanks for saying I smell nice! =) Don’t know how come God made all babies with a nice smell like mine..but oh yes, thanks to Mummy who bathes me every morning too! 😉

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