The best thing since sliced bread

I recently discovered the best thing since sliced bread, and I’ve already named it my ‘Best Find/Buy/Discovery of the Year’ (2008, it was the water-powered vacuum cleaner; 2009, it was my GPS). What is it? Audio tapes of books. Actually my good friend Isaac was the one who first mentioned it to me, and I didn’t give it much thought, often walking past the audio books shelf in Borders, thinking that the only books that have audio recordings are those on management, self-help and the like. But I was wrong. I went to the library in NTU and stumbled on a treasure trove of Audio Books, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMS that I could borrow for a week! (another hidden perk of being a lecturer – undergrads get to take them out for only 4 hours)

So I make it a point to borrow one audio book every week. Have heard (or read?) Fish, Alan Alda’ s biography called ‘Never Stuff Your Dog and other things I have learned’, Peter Senge’s ‘The Fifth Discipline’ and a few Christian sermons which I haev at home. The wonderful thing about audio books of course is that you can listen to them while driving. This effectively means that my 40-min drive to NTU no longer need to be a routine of switching radio channels for nice songs. I can concentrate on a story or lesson, and learn something in the process. Thanks Isaac! =)

Hearing Alan Alda’s biography, especially the parts about his early theatre experiences made me miss my own theatre experience two years ago. The nervousness of opening night; the exhiliration of waiting in the wings to go on stage; the crazy times during rehearsals; the embarassing times when you forget your lines during your rehearsals and have to ask ‘line?’ while staying in character; the warm glow of the spotlight; the laughing audience…I’d love to feel all these again.


~ by irwin on January 28, 2010.

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