Away We Go

I watched the latest Sam Mendes show ‘Away We Go’ at the cinema last night and witnessed a pair of 30-plus-year-old lovers wandering around the country to discover what a normal relationship should look like — only to find out what a relationship really is: falling asleep together on a trampoline; yelling at each other to get the baby’s heart rate up; traveling back to a dilapidated childhood house. I love this show because in the midst of all the uncertainties that life throws at them, the couple manages to define (and redefine) their own relationship and more crucially to affirm that love is more than feelings. Together with the latest two shows I watched (‘Up in the Air’ and ‘An Education’), ‘Away We Go’ seems to complete the trilogy which somehow sums up the stage that my own life is at right now.


~ by irwin on May 24, 2010.

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